eugenio deschamps

Eugenio Deschamps plays lead guitar for NoØther Worship. His fellow band members consider him a gear nerd (he loves pedals and he also loves to talk about gear). He has been involved in the writing and arranging process for many of the projects that have come out of Humille. From a young age Eugenio had an interest in music, specifically the guitar, but feelings of incapability would always hold him back from learning. Through the motivation of his local church and spiritual leaders he took a stand against his limitations and presented his case to the Lord. It was through prayer that he received not only the strength and the ability to learn how to play the instrument but also a God imparted love for prophetic worship and ministry. At the tender age of thirteen years, he received a calling, picked up the guitar and hasn't put it down ever since. His goal is to use the gifts that God has given him for the edification of the church through speaking the word in teaching and allowing the word to ministry the hearts of the body of Christ as a prophetic musician.